Title: Inhalation Solution No. 4
Author: Heather P.

To turn with warm milk broth,
Foaming my throat.

*Shh* Let me speak,
(But I have nothing to say)

Milk and Honey waiting and washing me down,
Down ...
Down ...
Down ...
You are a sweet baby,
too bad you're too dumb,
to see how I love you.
Dumb as the one who gave me this name,
And tore me apart.

(Tear me....me.....me
And store the pieces in little ribbon tied boxes.)

Let my hands have your prayer.
*whisper it here*
My thumbs graze the curve of cheek and back,
I won't scar it.

Swing to the temper heat,
As the grass sways under two feet instead of three,
Your four can be here.

A long neck under the moon,
My arms crisp from sun,
Our tears under the starlight,
As our skin spread out like the sky.