Jill's Faeries

Believe. That's the word that unlocked my magic. Believe. If I hadn't done just that, I hate to think where I would be now. Believe. What someone told me once. Luckily I did.

My name is Jill and I am a witch. Plain and simple. Not one of those wicked, evil witches with black pointed hats and long robes. Or not one of those really nice witches named Glenda with sparkly clothes that devote their life to the good of people. No, I'm a regular girl with blond hair and purple highlights (not streaks, people seem to confuse them). I don't have a wand either. My magic comes from me, my body. And when I am performing a spell, the magic comes form my fingertips. That's why I don't shake hands with people I don't like. Anyways back to the whole witch thing. I have been a witch for 3 years, I am 17 now and I found my powers within when I was 14 thanks to a special someone. That special someone is my friend Skull. I know his name sounds a bit frightening but he is the sweetest guy in the world. His love unlocked the magic hidden in me. I never would have known it was there otherwise.

Skull and I met 4 years ago, that's one year before I found my powers. We have always loved each other. When he first met me, I was in the hospital because I had been found lying in a street half dead from lack-nourishment. I had run away from home because of abuse from my father. I just couldn't take it anymore so I left. Its what any smart girl would have done. So anyways, I am lying in the hospital and this guy comes by to bring me my food. See here, I am looking a royal mess. I had been crying terribly because the doctor was going to call my parents and tell them where I was and then I knew they would come down here and take me back. Then I would be in for one hell of a punishment and another, at least, four years of torture. So my eyes are all puffy and my breath is short and my hair is a mess, there is dirt on my face. He comes in and I immediately freeze. He is beautiful. I mean drop dead gorgeous. I am thinking it must be the medication I'm on but I know what beauty from being drugged up looks like and he just wasn't it. So he comes in and I am looking at him and my eyes I know, are wide and my mouth is probably slightly (okay a lot) open.

He set the tray on the table next to my bed and started to cut up my food. "I can cut up my own food you know." I said not wanting to look like I was helpless. "Of coarse you can. But I am sure you are tired so I am being a good friend and helping you out a bit." He said smiling, "How can we be friends? I don't even know your name." I told him. I desperately wanted to know his name. I desperately wanted to know him. "Your right, I haven't told you my name or anything about myself. My name is Skull, I am 15 years old, and I am working here because I have to do community service for a little shoplifting problem I used to have. But I'm over that whole thing now." He said looking at me. He had a very strange look on his face and his eyes, wouldn't leave my eyes. I found this nice, but strange. "I like to read, I know kinda dorky but oh well. I like underground rock. Er, yeah I guess that about it. I have a few other mysterious qualities about me but I like to keep them private until I know a person better" He said with a sly grin and an odd twinkle in his eyes. "And how 'bout yourself?" he said. "Well for starters I don't normally look like this." I said gesturing to my face and hair. " I am usually am a tad better looking. My name is Jilly Moore. But everyone calls me Jill. Um." But I was interrupted before I could go on. "Moore did you say?" Skull asked. "Yeah. Why?" I asked. "No reason, no reason." But by the way he said it, it was obvious there was a reason. "Go on." He said to me. "Alright. I am 14 years old. I am a run-away, or was. Not anymore. I love reading too. Mostly Fantasy and Science Fiction. I like all types of music except for country. I don't have a hell of an idea as to what I am going to be when I grow up because I only worry about today if I can. Yeah that's about it I guess." I said looking at him apprehensively. "Yeah you sound a bit like me. I mean we have a lot in common." He told me.

So from there we became friends. I got better in the hospital with visits from Skull regularly. My parents did come and take me home after a while and I was punished, badly. But right after that I left again, but this time I had a place to go. Skull's place.