Morning mist and sorrow

The air was thick with mist
Little particles of possibility
Hovering in the air, gently rocked by my breath
Twin trails of steam rising into the predawn sky
Trailing after the stars

Crisp blue sky
hardly a dot on the horizon
heralds the day blooming with hope
a glimmer of what could be
shines in newly opened eyes

Birds arise and take wing
Fluttering through the morning mist
Tempting faith and defying gravity as they soar
While I firmly rooted to the ground plod on
I have stood here for too long

The sky is awash of pastels
Gold tinted peach blossoms spread wide
While swirls of radiant cadium hues blended beyond distinction
pattern the river below as mist still prowl along the bay
Monet would be moved the world a living monument to his work

Below , above life awakens
The industrious ants have already began their days trials
Seabirds call as they rise from their roost
White crescent wings a blur as they follow ships out to sea
A voyage that will never end

Yet I
Still standing watching the sun peer out from the gloom beyond the harbor
Beyond the floating buoys marking the boundary of man kind
Beyond sight and sound of cities built from what most see as nothing
Beyond the touch of human mentality always seeking to destroy that which cannot be understood

Beyond the great beyond and ever onward until the end
I strive to grasp the meaning of my life
The reason I rise only to fall each day
With numerous possibilities hovering in the very air
waiting to be taken in and made reality

I turn away from the future
Let my eyes fall from the sky
From the birds from the bay
From the ants at my feet
And the grass trampled beneath

These things I see, not for what they're worth
But for what they are

I turn and walk along the river bank
Watching the fish darting to and frow below the water
Squirrels scuttling up the trees chattering the while
Birds of every color soaring in the sky above
In my wake grasses trampled by my foot steps spring back to life
Vibrant, green, alive
I wish to be as they