*Words composed from the images of H.Palmers mind*

Sometimes I feel so inspired by other peoples poetry the review I give is a poem in its self. These are a few reviews of H.Palmers work please check it out and tell me if I am wrong to feel this way.

Title ~ Here
Review ~

Happiness is found
moment after moment
as colors change
and melt into dying sunsets
splattering themselves
on the palette of your mind
all the beauty the world has to offer
is hidden inside you
waiting for the right words
to step forward and be spoken.
As i skim the worlds
created by your life force
sampling the simple pleasures of the living
tasting the sweat of youth,
here in this moment
i am content.

Title ~ To the breaking of my wings

At a lost for words,
I scramble in the dark
scraping together fleeting emotions
that swell and soar inside my heart,
feeling out the strongest one,
hidden along the base board,
drawing it forward,
but still my chest is clenched,
my mouth moves
but no words are spoken
the tears are more and louder.

Title ~Hold of
Revier ~

Your poetry speaks volumes,
measured by a divine hand
simple metered verses
more complex than life
as intriguing as death
with questions hanging over what if
and what maybe
yet nothing remains unanswered

~Nat The Unchanging Darkness, Keeper of light ~