My soul awash

Fears drip like icicles
Cold and numbing
I stand as I am
Beneath me a dark abyss
where Faith once shined

As I grew within
As well as with out
My mind stretched wider
Blinkers were removed
My eyes opened
I could see the path
I was forced onto as a child
I could see beyond the horizon

Other paths crossed and
Crisscrossed the narrow path I trod
Jagged trails with hard learned lessons
Fading off into the distance
Before a pale light glowed
Against the shine of life

I continue to walk
But my heart is not in it
I have out grown this path
A fork appears ahead and I stand it
To the right the same pale light
To the left a dark and murky trail
Straight ahead an abyss has opened up
It spreads forever in either direction

No matter the choice I will end up here
Head held high I take a step

And nothing happens
The dark and ominous gloom
Feels no different from the path i thread all my life
I take another and a light appears
Cautiously I walk step after faltering step
Even from a distance I can see that this light is brighter
Warmer, stronger than the one I left behind

The path twists and turns
Uphill and down back and forth
But yet the light shines
And I call feel its warmth wash over me and in me
Cleansing the dirt from my soul
I had found my own way

Above me just with in reach
A mirror hung a mandala of wisdom and truth
The perfect height for me too see whose face looked back out
But it was clouded so I steeple my hands and began to polish it
My voice raised as I chant and slowly my face appeared
The ice melted and dripped from my body
Feeling returned to my numbed limbs
I was truly alive

Mirror polished eyes opened mind cleared
And with the clearing the abyss disappeared
Where I stood there was no path
Just the surety that someday
I could guide someone else to a mirror of their lives

I set out blazing my own trail
Leaving clear footsteps
For someone else to follow

In my wake many gather
Seeking the light at the edge of this new path
Not knowing that it shines with in me
And has the potential to shine in them as well
They step onto my path
one after the other
and race to catch up with me

I turn and smile the face they see
Is the one I have seen
Shining brightly within my mandala
The face I greet the world with daily
I polish my mirror and it shines

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
Namu Myoho Renge Kyo

The bell tolls and all recite in unison
All grow silent
Thank you .