We sit and type for hour upon hour
Tapping away at the keyboard as if our life doth depend upon it
Wracking our brains, to carry on the argument
Words, thoughts and ideas coursing
Like shared blood within our veins
You're convinced that I'm living a lie
Your logic confuses me
Your calmness infuriating me
All this enforcing the lies you hold to be true
My heart doth cry for you
As you run from salvation
My logic, it fails
Paling into insignificance beside your mighty words
My arguments based in emotion fail,
Unable to stand against your powerful logic
I break down and pray to my lord
Hoping for someway to show you he's real
Two mighty warriors
Fighting a never-ending battle of words and logic.
Two hearts
Two minds
Alike in their certainty
Different in their beliefs
Awash with the words and the thoughts we hold true.
We bid goodnight and retire
You to your girl
Me to my bed
We live to fight and duel another day.
We retire to ponder
Dreaming up counter argument after counter argument
Two mighty minds of two mighty poets
Locked together in wordly combat
For eternity.