Do I love you?
The first time I met him
I felt something stir
Hatred or love
I couldn't be sure
Soon I forgot
All too soon swept away
By pain
My doubts
And confusion
Lost in fear
Swallowed up whole
Now we meet again
Different and yet the same
Everything fades
As my heart beats at last
But what for.
Do I love you?
Or is it just you're there
What do I feel?
How much do I know?
Do I love you?
Or despise you
What do you feel for me?
Is this even real?
Or just because we're here
Will we stay like this forever?
Pretend that we know
As we step forward
Take our places
Who are you?
What am I?
That I can't care
That I pretend this life
Do we know each other?
Is this right?
Will you watch as I falter?
Is this love or rage I feel?
When I see you watch me
Is this true love?
Or just that you're there
As confused as me
Sick of the part
What do I feel?
Will this last until the end
Should I pretend I know my heart?
Or tell the truth for once
And let it all out
Till they can feel my despair
What are my choices?
What is this life?
When my mouth won't open
I can't say a word
Stuck playing this part
Feeling like it can't get worse
Then across the room
I see you move
I feel my heart stir
What is it I want?
Is this feeling even real?
Do I love you?
Or is it just that you're there