Title: Unguarded
Author: Heather P.

I lay discarded by you,
The hole left will never close in full,
So I must live and always remember,
The feeling of paralization at your rejection.
Your presence haunts me and burns me.
As I cry, unwanted and lonely, set adrift in the corner of my mind,
I think of what I gave;
I revealed everything about me,
Cast myself bare of all before your uncaring sight.
Now I cry as I realize how foolish it was to trust that you would understand.
(How could you do this to me?)
Staring at the wall in the way of quiet communication,
It does not give me the one thing I needed from you,
It only gives me what I remember that you did not.
Unfulfilled and tear racked,
Tired of all the promises to my heart that are left unsettled,
I suffer from my dependence I have harbored for you.
(Why do I still need you?)
Nervous and restless I must go on,
Feeling the energy that I carry away that hurts and pains my soul.
And as I close my eyes,
Red from tears,
The tearing of my heart rips again,
Letting forth another wave of sorrow as I realize all that I have given,
Too much for the way that you left me alone.
(I loved you, you damn bastard.)