You said it to me
You said it was over
My life's no wish
On a four leave clover

It's been terrible and lonely
Since you've bin gone
I hate how you
Ramble on and on

I hate how you follow me
How I catch you when I stare
Then how you deny
You were even there

I hate how you stare at me
With those dark brown eyes
Then how you fill them up
With your stupid lies

I hate how you're wild
How you make me feel
How I thought again
It was something real

I hate how I loved you
And how I feel it still
When we went riding
It was such a thrill

But then it was over
In the blink of an eye
When I got your letter
It made me cry

I hate how I felt important
I hate that I wasn't
Now I feel like some
Far, distant cousin

I hate how I felt special
Like it would never end
I hate how I was thrown out
Like yesterdays trend

I hate how you don't
Understand or see
How when I was with you
It made me feel free

I thought I could sing
I thought I could sore
I felt how I had never
Felt before

I hated it for not lasting
For not being real
I hate how even I
Don't understand how I feel

I hate it cuz it scares me
It makes me wont to care
But I'd turned my heart to stone
Since I'd been there

Now the stone starts to break
Like when you left me
Not just in peaces
But as small as can be

I hate myself
For not hating you
That makes me feel worse
Through and through

I hate you for caring
I hate you for lying
For sneaking and peaking
And barging and spying

I hate how you smile
How it makes me melt
I hate how it makes me
More confused how I felt

I hate how I've come up
With this long list
I hate it so much
That ignorance is bliss

I hate my self
For not hating you
Then I hate you
For not hating me too

Why did you care
Why did I believe
Why did I cry when
I knew you would leave

I hate how I knew
That it wouldn't last
I hate how I can't
Put it in the past

I hate that I tripped
Stumble and fall
I hate most that I don't hate you
Not even at all