Title: When I Dream...
Author: Heather P.

When I dream, I dream of that clearing.
I dream of sunshine and happiness.
I dream of peace and serenity.
Embraced by warmth, I lay, cuddled in contentment,
I never want to leave that place.

I dream of the smell of sunshine and feeling shards of light dance upon my skin.
Looking up, I see clear and dancing eyes,
They always fill me with wonder.

I dream of a faceless someone,
Who I know will always care and value me.

Delight fills me as I dance in place,
With the feeling that that faceless someone is watching with pride.

Tears and laughter always bloom from my immense happiness,
As I see their smile meeting mine.

I live for that dream, where my body is always held by those loving arms.
I live for the nights where I find tears streaming down my cheeks as I wake,
I die for that dream, when the wonder overtakes my mind and I am comforted.
I die for those nights, when I wake to find the world so cruel and that person missing from my life.
I would live and die only to see again, my sun lit dream in that clearing of joy.