We lived alone as children once
The world alight with innocence
Untarnished by evil
Untouched by sin

Ring around the rosie…

But our world was flipped
As Lilith fled from bondage
And Eve ate of the apple
The serpent picked the locks on Pandora's box,
And we suffered from a thousand sorrows

Pocket full of posey…

We're no longer children; we know
The dirty secrets hidden in dark alleys
What goes on behind closed doors and fragile façades
We know, and we no longer care
Our once wondrous world is ravaged
Raped by human malice
Slowly dying at our hands

Ashes, ashes…

We've come full circle
We no longer feel the need for modesty
Nor the quest for knowledge
But we can't quite attain that tabula rasa
We're tainted
And we know
And we would cry, but our tears are polluted
So we spin around in circles
On desolate hilltops below the last eclipse
Our souls and bodies rotting
And we know it's the Apocalypse

We all fall down