Title: Sing Me This Song
Author: Heather P.

'Tell me true, what is the use?
To know what love can really be,
But never being able to feel the finest moment give way?'

'Oh, gimme that green nothin' in finest blue,
Over these melodic tunes.
For they are more in truth,
Then words only spoken softly.'

'Don't you dare talk to me honey,
Until you can show me this:
Truth without measure of lie,
Light without measure of darkness,
Honor without measure of vows in desperation.'

'Clear this crystal ball of sadness and listen!
For there you will see where the flower stems inside,
And buds with the elegance of your words,
But still, You must give me something more,
Than this simple emotion without feeling.
Than this something holding on inside me.'

'Can you tell me something true that I will remember forever?
Beyond all of the years, or the tears, and the blood to be shed?'