Claimer: um. My experience. My poem. Mine ^_^

Can't remember when I wrote it…but it's been sitting in my computer for a while…so, say, July?


Are you all right? He says to me

Tender and infinite in soothing

Could he ever realize

The images that swim

In blue fragment dreams

Through my mental corridors?

And it is your name I whisper

When I lie here

Shattered on the floor

Because the celluloid has given way

And I feel so naked beneath my brittle bones

Everything's in angles

I never knew that I could be

So fragile—

A pinch could set me bleeding

But all I can remember

Are the eyes that watch

Mean laughter and a picture on my wall

But temptation is so delicious.


It was always cruel.

You don't look too good, he whispers

More worried, touching in places deep

I push away

He's not allowed to know

My secret stays

With me and I murmur

It into the mirror every time

I remember those celluloid dreams

The sweat is

Almost addicting

Sliding off my skin like

The lover I never touched

Because it grants me the power

Of mirror images and

Elusive reflections

Warm summer night

Intoxicating magic, but I shiver

Never warm beneath the ice

And I wrap in blankets

You used to be so beautiful, he utters

And the mirror


A/N: ……

No, I don't believe I'll say anything. Only that this was a personal experience.

I'm actually kind of curious; if you think you know what it is I'm talking about, please comment or something and tell me what you think it is. And I'll let you know if you're right ^_^.