Rose Petals

It's raining rose petals,
Gently they embrace me only to fall at my feet,
They graze upon my upturned cheeks,
With eyes closed and lips parted slightly.

These fragile hearts will never mend,
Too much as happened since then.

Tender memories that I have lost for so long are resurfacing,
New memories are etched into my heart forever,
Hidden deep inside my being,
So that no one may take them away from me.

Finally there is something that I can be happy with having,
Joy is something that I thought I'd never know,
It is a feeling that seems so foreign,
It feels so alien it might as well not be a part of me.

But one by one,
The rose petals whither and die,
Ground under heel and turned into dust
Lost upon the wind,

A whisper of a lost memory.

The feelings are forgotten,
I am but an empty vessel,
A shell of my former self,
A hollow and meaningless husk.

I am defeated totally and completely,
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
Can I rise again to greet another day?
Without my rose petals I am nothing.