It's six in the morning
A new day is dawning
And I need it like a hole in the head.
The sun in the sky
Tells me to open my eyes
But I just want to turn over instead

Imagine my delight
When I was met by the sight
Of Mt Everest by the front door
I discover, with a sigh,
They're bills ... and they're sky high!
I don't wanna live this life any more!

I'm sad that I can boast
That I poured milk over my toast
And tried to spread my cornflakes with jam
Not much of a surprise,
There's still mist upon my eyes
And I try to wake up as soon as I can.

At least breakfast is done
But there's still worse to come
I've got to be at college in an hour
And as every woman knows
It takes time to pick your clothes
Do your makeup and find time for a shower.

Now I'm getting mighty upset
My hair is dripping wet
And the hairdryer's gone on the blink
The bus is running late
All I can do is wait
And wonder 'what will my tutor think?'

Finally I get to class
And surely you don't need to ask
That I'm well and truly stressed out again
My teacher's a jerk
I forgot my homework
And my classmates are driving me insane!

Finally time for lunch
And I don't get to munch
On the sandwich that I left at home
No money in my purse
Things have gone from bad to worse
And I have no choice but to endure it alone.

Hours seem to have passed
How long can this day last?
Surely 4.45 can't be far away now?
My head roars like a train
Can't wait to be home again
I'll make it through the day somehow.

Finally, I'm through the door
Collapsing on the floor
To tired to express my delight
Even so I'm comprehending
That this nightmare day is ending
And I'm ready to welcome the night.

Yet my heart is filled with sorrow
That it'll be the same tomorrow
The reality stabs me like a knife.
And you cannot help but agree
That it's a nightmare being me.
But hey ... That's life!