Fear risig in my throat
I struggle, emotions swarming round my head
trying to surpress
the unatural and idiotic fear of something so small
the flame in the holder burns out brightly
wavering, smoking as if moved by a mysteroiuos force
prompting the memories
prompting that smell
filling my nostrils with its acrid stink
memories flash through my troubled mind
fighting to control the fear
and fighting to control the fear
and panting with exursion
the terror is overwhelming
its crushing my ribs
i cant breathe
flashbacks of the terror and realisation
im trapped, i cant get out
once more i can feel the heat
scorching my face
panic, my mind shuts down
i cant run but know i cant stay
choking and coughing
my eyes start to stream
the answer to the problem lies before me
but i cant see the connection
the sink, and the towel
my instincts screaming at me
every fibre of my being
trying to work against my will
the flames from the pan
flaring up in my face
pressing me backwards
cowering against the wall
I curl up
willing it to go away
If i don't think about it
will it go away?
will it stop?
Could i die here?
all these thoughts race through my mind
confusing me
I wanna die
tell it to stop!
i cant cope
my head, awash with fear

I re-run the events
over and over
like a broken record
playing the same tune
over and over
Icy fear gripping me
cold sweat drips
Terror's icy hands
closing on my lungs
i gasp for breath
im drownining in fear
I feel sick
The candle light dances in my eyes
almost as suddenly as it started
the fear starts to subside
my breathing calms
my lungs break free of terror's grasp
the weight lifts from my ribs
freeing my breath, allowing me to breathe
my thoughts become organised
my mind, it clears
for the danger i over
the candle is out

I sit down and a sigh parts my lips
shattering the scilence
for how much longer
will i have to bear
this crushing phobia
the chains of terror
holding me down
how much longer will i be
a prisnor of fear.
Anxiety's Slave.