It comes.

It calls and I awaken, but do I really?

Am I awake as I travel this dusty hallway?

I hear it now.

Each note crashing against me, assailing me like the ocean does a ship in a storm.

I know it, I know this music.

It calls me to this place.

And there he is, Collier. My Collier, so dear, so blissfully ambivalent to this life.

I look down at my arms, blue veins threading under pale skin.

Without warning, the veins burst and I am drenched in blood.

Each gushing torrent pulling me further out to this sea of madness.

Collier is by my side. His tongue lashing out, catching drops of blood that splash down towards the wasted earth at my feet.

I feel the weakening as he, my vampire, drinks my sanity even as he drinks my blood.

I peer to my left and catch a glimpse of a tapestry on the wall.

Reds, yellows and blues sewn together making light of the scene depicted on it.

Death. Gory, blood spattered death.

Obvious pain that is not even alleviated by the loss of life, it remains there for all to see.

Still he drinks from me.

I am no longer me, I am a figure floating above the wasteland.

I watch his head bowed to me as his lips close over my flesh.

Oh Collier, so sweet, so pure, but that was so very long ago.

So long I can barely remember it and yet it seems as thought it was only yesterday.

Time is nothing here.

And then I am lifted.

Brought back from the burgeoning sea of desolation.

Ah, it is a red flower, it's scent a tempting fragrance.

So tempting I could drown within it.

Alas, I can no longer reside within this place, for I am called elsewhere.

Back to the noise, the cacophony of reality.

Back to the frailty of that which is certain in this harsh realm.