i can smell shampoo
champagne and blueberry
alluring the five senses
coated on strands of hair

i can smell the smoke in the wind
the dust into my lungs
can my blood remove
all the poisons?

i can smell the dew of the night
the water evaporates off my skin
scented with body lotion
rubbed on with friction

i can smell the breath of an infant
alive fourminutestenseconds
she turned icy blue
and death passed

i can smell the honey in water
from hives the bees
stung my lips
and my skin broke out in rashes

i can smell jellybeans
saccharine sweet assortment
mix and match to create
a mesh of confusion

i smelt the world
things so luscious
underlined with acid
so pure corrupted by frost and ache
i turned off the light
and hid in shield blankets of security
where i smelt love