Any-Game Gambler

If you want to play
a quiet game,
I'll tell you one I like.
You have to smile
like a fool,
and play that you
love life.
You'll sit across from me
and stare
and see your eyes in mine--
the first make a sound,
they lose
and then they lose
their mind.

It's such an
easy gamble,
and what have you
got to lose?
Its just your mind
and just your soul,
no things
you'd ever use.
In these dark depths
I shall reveal
your dirty secrets,
thoughts concealed--
but nothing ventured
nothing gained
you've never lost
a deal. . .

So now
let's cut the chit-chat
and let's quit
with the ado;
I've laid my terms upon
the line now darling,
how 'bout you?
Your grin's already fading
and I think you may
have lost--
perhaps its best
you named no price,
for now you owe
the cost.

A man must face his ruin
when he plays
any game at all--
know thy self
and know thy terms,
and know
that Pride must fall.  

September 21 2003