Blah blah blah that is how I think of thee,
Blah blah blah and blah again, is that all you can see?
Ha ha ha ha, those are the words applied to me.'
Tee hee hee hee that's all I can think for now
Seeing as how you all seem to stare at me, know
That this is just for fun
Seeing how much farther this can run.
And now that it is at its end,
I feel I must tear this page and then rend
Who ever is standing right behind me
Read this and go away!
No the keyboard threatens to disappear!
Very well then settle here.
Little gnome dressed in green
Bring thy master bring thine queen
Tell them all about this tree,
That grows amongst the grasses fair,
Much the same color,
As Sam McMillan's hair.
Fellow authors,
I beg of thee:
Don't people reading behind your back
Tend to anger, oui?*
'Is it not time,' the papaya claimed
'To start the growing season?
Let us plant the seedlings now!
And wait for fruition some other day!'
"No, says I!" The great Master Kirk!
"We plant today and we shall wait, NAY!
For some other quirk,
To take our place!

AN: "oui" means 'yes' in French.
AN: That's where it ends because too many people were interrupting my train
of thought. This was just meant as a joke; don't you just hate it when
people stare at what you're writing from behind your back? The breathing
down your neck making the spine tingle with anticipation of their next