At the world's beginning, all was utter chaos. Humans had just appeared and succumbed to their natural urge for power. They conquered poor beasts left and right, until almost all was theirs. Only one creature remained free- The Duck. The Duck was clever and had the gift of knowledge and awareness that no other animal possessed. The Duck avoided all of the human's traps and trickery, and was very troubled by the turmoil of the world. This could go on no longer.

The Duck finally approached the human's leader. The leader scoffed and laughed at The Duck's humble appearance, but The Duck held his bill up high and said with authority, You must cease this destruction! Cannot you see that this world has come into ruin? To be truly content, one must be at peace with one's surroundings.

The foolish leader continued to laugh. And can you give the guidance needed to do this? he said.

The Duck replied solemnly, I believe so. The leader was slightly taken aback, but he turned to the humans and called, People! Do you take this small fowl seriously? Any who prefer a bird to me may follow him. Not one person moved, until a man at the back slowly moved to stand beside The Duck. Several others followed, until a great crowd stood opposed. At this point, the leader was outraged, as his plan had been foiled. All right! he cried, You will be exiled for treason, and be known as The Duckists, after this foul creature! Go! Your presence is not permitted on this soil! The Duckists gladly obliged, and were honored to be known associated with the being that had spoken with such wisdom.