Love by Force

By Goth-girl1

Bound to another, thick and thin

From the day the trouble will begin

You can't leave the man you love

Even if the romance lacks thereof

Bound to his wishes and pleas

Love is a deadly disease

You'll never be good enough for him

But you promised not to be grim

Bound to a contract for life

Destined to be an evil man's wife

You couldn't defy your family

And become cold, abandoned, and lonely

Bound to your social order and place

Ignoring the bruises on your face

You'd never win against him in court

As a woman, your case would be cut short

Bound to the tears you cry each night

And the memories of every fight

You could never hit him back

Or win the love that you lack

Bound to your children who need you

As a mother, what can you do?

You couldn't leave your children here

You simply hold them too dear

Bound to your ensnared soul

To gain back what your lover stole

You have to run away

Will the kids be okay?

Bound to be seen as a possession

Freedom is your useless obsession

You have to break free

It is purely meant to be

No longer bound, your children are grown

You flee from the life you don't condone

You'll never have what you had before

A life that you abhor