amazing how it swirls
time, like the swish
of a wave or the tendrils
of a faint wind. Depth
like falling, and falling
(love, this is fated)
endless- how can one be
so lost
and so nothing
all at once?
(love, did I not tell you?)
you mock the clock;
time, you tease me
I feel you in me like
a heavy dream
a weighted presence
lulling me, calling me
the croon of eternal sea
(love, did I not try?)
time, you are an ocean
and I am the mermaid
that swims in your deep
the fin-ish half reality
that twists along
currents and centuries
(love, this is deep)
I am transparent, being
at once the ocean and
the oceaner, the dreamer and
the incessant, pulsing dream,
a call that hits the blood-
blue in my veins; oh dreamer
(love, I go down)
dive, and know no end
for eternity reaches out,
a shining hand, inviting
endless reverie amongst infinity
of rhythmic revelation
spread across the centuries
a breath and an ever
(love, I am beyond reason)
like water like life,
like air like liquid, I breathe in
transient mermaid that I
am the wave, the surging ripple
and blue run my veins and
green is my body with reflection
of boundless nights, such that
the stars translating down
through the ocean are light, filtered
and through me; I am essenced
(love, worlds will fall)
down, down and the ocean
that is time is mine and
I am the greedy keeper
of such a vast drug
the wind beneath water
in element, mermaid remade
blue, I consume the offering
blessed, and am consumed
(love, I am gone away from here)