Title: I Live In
Author: Heather P.

I live in my garden,
My secret garden.
Diverse as any,
In anyone.
Hidden by clouded mystery,
Connecting the Earth to me,
As close as mother to child.
Moist and warm 'round my thoughts,
Creating growth with care,
Causing ultimate inspiration,
Healing my wounds inside and out.
Sunlight shining down,
Flowers blooming all 'round me,
Their scents seeping into my mind,
Forcing the words from my tongue.
The many hidden paths,
Running through my mind's garden,
I explore with great excitement,
Each one revealing a new part of me,
But with the season's change,
Winter brings sorrow and death,
As it covers everything in cold snow,
And everything in my garden dies,
Only to come back with the hopeful spring.

*note: This was an english assignment for me in oh...7th grade? Anyways, the point is that I have now graduated out of High School so this is a sort of preview/reflection of where I began. There's a difference between this and my poetry now, of course, but I still like this poem a lot because it was my first real venture into 'emotional and insightful' poetry. That and my english teacher was the cutest person alive! *hugs and kisses to Mrs. Moore* But that means that this must have been written five years ago now? Wow, how time passes uh? Oh well, hoped you liked it.