Our visionary is only black and white,
Skies are gray, grounds are black,
The image of a pink flower, vanished,
Green plants are the color of soil.

Golden sunsets are only dimmed,
The silver lining in the sky, ceased,
A funnel of one dimensional world,
Tunnel towards a dark swarthy end.

Imagination is blank and hollow,
White alters into a shaded path,
Darkness, no light, one way,
Sphere of our surroundings, gone.

Flames of fire, quickly turns to ashes,
Branches break, cells of trees dead,
Water too to contaminated to drink,
Day is the night for eternally.

The brightness is absent, unknown,
Shaping ourselves into reality,
But reality is not the factor,
Living life within an enigma.

Perplexed, the world has changed,
Our knowledge of an obscure world,
Now exists, the earth so pale,
A challenge lay before our eyes.

A black and white world created,
The softness is now drizzled dampness,
We now only think within this hole,
Never escaping the black and white.

I don't know.. I got this idea from the movie "Pleasantville". Heh,
corny movie to some but if you look real close in the movie, it's
the theme of my poem. This poem is about if we lived in black and white,
never thinking outside of a hole, staying in one place. Does that make
sense? I'm not so swift with words lately but it makes sense to me. :)
It's if we never had color, never cherished the days and the colors
within nature. Enjoy everyone.