The Boy Bride

Author: Jack Dawkins

Date started: 8-31-2003

Date finished: Not yet!

Chapter rating: The chapters get progressively more graphic and involved. AND THEY GET LONGER.

Genre: Shounen-ai/yaoi, original fiction

Warnings: Contains homosexual themes, sex, destruction of North America. If this bothers you, please understand that they truly had it coming.

Disclaimer: All characters, plot, and random phrases belong to me, me, me.

Description: An American boy, Ryan McFallon (18), is sent off to Japan to avoid the war. Under the terms of his new citizenship, he must marry a Japanese man, Takeo Takahashi. This story is fiction, none of the United States were injured in the making of this story. Purely for my own amusement and that of my loyal minions.

Note: Not meant to take place in strictly modern times. Thnk of it as historical sci-fi, set in the future but containing many historical elements. I truly don't know if a Takahashi Clan exists, or if any of this could ever take place in real life. That said, I don't care. Also, first story written in the first person point of view extensively. I know the style and initial chapter length sucks. Just ignore it.


I never thought that war would come to America. Not on our soil, anyways. Yet when the bombs did begin to land, it didn't truly take much time for citizens to get used to being under fire.

The American economy crashed. The dollar was worth practically nothing, and ironically, it was the Japanese who took our place as the leader of the world market. Personally, I thought that must have made them feel rather smug, but I didn't blame them, or rather, I didn't have enough time to. When there's a war going on in your backyard, when every radio broadcast reveals that the invaders are encroaching on your homeland, bombs filling the night sky with the loudest fireworks you've ever heard, you don't really contemplate whether or not it's nice to be happy about America's misfortune.

And I didn't. Not even when my boyfriend was killed on his way to safety in Japan on one of the last ships to freedom. All of the Asian countries had diplomatically offered safe haven to any Americans seeking to protect their children from the war.

The news that Justin's transport ship had been sunk just off the shore of the U.S. was enough to send me into a sullen depression for weeks, and my parents, unsure of how to comfort their son, were decent enough to give me solitude.

So, I spent the rest of my summer helping my father board up the windows on our house, listening to my favorite bands; like Queen and Pink Floyd and Supertramp. News reached us of the capture of Washington, and Mom decided to have one last family reunion before the family was scattered in the face of the War.

End of Prologue