"what's your favourite colour?''

someone asked me once

''you'd better get comfortable,'' I said

''cuz this could take a while…

… I like blue, because it lets you cry, and lends you a warm shoulder.

…I like yellow, because it brings sunshine even into rainy days.

…I like purple, because it's special, royal, elegant.

…I like orange, because if it could have a smell, it would smell so yummy.

…I like pink, because it brings out your inner little girl.

…I like green, because it is alive, and makes you feel that way, too.

…I like red, because it lets me be my wild, crazy, passionate self.''

''but can't you just choose one?'' the stranger asked me then

''to choose one colour to be my favourite, would be like choosing one star to like the best. They are all so beautiful together, you cannot choose between them.''

He said goodbye and walked away, a little disappointed. And overhead I saw the most beautiful rainbow…