I thought I had dispelled my demon
The woman in the chair
Still inside me

It's different now
I was a mirror
One face
But the fist flew
And one face
Became a thousand
My inner child
Always weeping
My rage
Always screaming
My love
Dead in a corner
My hate
Feasting on her flesh
My psychosis
Always laughing
At you
At her
At everyone
And I sit on my throne of broken glass
Shattered skulls
Watching my lusts
Curl around each other on the floor
Around the bend my psychosis ran amuck
Away from the wall climber
Another vase broken
And another lust screamed his completion
As lips came crashing down on his.
A body slumped down next to me,
Chains clinked
Handing over a lit cigar.
"Not easy is it?" She asked
I took a drag
Letting the heavy taste settle on my tongue
I handed it back to the scarred pirate
With a railroad spike driven through her chest
"It was supposed to be easy?"
I snort
She cackles
As I look at the chain on my wrist
Me to her
Her to me
A shard in the broken mirror
That will be forever that I see.