This magical grove is a sacred place. The gods of nature themselves treaded here once just after the world was formed to survey the work done by their celestial hands. It is blessed by them. The very trees whisper to me, they tell me of their purpose. To restore the balance and keep the peace. They are our silent protectors, our ancient guardians.

Hazy, golden rays of sunlight flood down through the forest canopy and blanket the forest floor. Still green leaves litter the ground in wonderful simplicity. No pattern to justify the cause. I take in a deep breath of fresh air through my nose. I can smell the intoxicating aroma of the lands around me. The smell of the metallic soil beneath my feet is strong, I can almost taste it in my mouth and on my tongue.

A flash of brilliant white catches the corner of my unbidden eyes, and I search for the source, but it has seemingly vanished, phased out from reality. Was it all in my mind? Just a cruel trick crafted by the fates to lure me to this secret place, this quiet location? No, I can hear laughter now. The laughter of a woman, sweet and innocent. The melodious sound's messenger is the very wind itself. It carries the precious communiqué to me without fallacy. I follow the message back to the composer. She seems to enjoy watching me want to find her. She is playing a game; hiding behind trees and she's trying to confuse me. Her dress of purest white billows out behind her as she runs barefoot along the earth. I seek her out, my footsteps carry me swiftly through the meadow, not even disturbing a single leaf or blade of grass in my wake. Why am I following her? What is it that I hope to find in her? What is it that I hope she will see in me? Yet she still beckons me forth with a slender finger, and when I finally come within arm's reach, she's spirited away just out of my grasp. I continue to follow.

I move silently and with purpose, the very forces of nature do what they can to help me, for I am a part of them. They want to conceal me and protect me from my enemies; keep me from those who would want to harm a child of the forest, this inherently magical being.

I find her again, waiting for me beside a waterfall. The mist spills over upon the banks like an invading army storming the beaches. The last few dieing rays of the life-giving sun struggle to pour over the top of the waterfall and the tiny droplets of water suspended in the air seemingly from invisible threads. It refracts those rays and break it apart into the alluring colours of the spectrum. A rainbow is born.

Finally she allows me to come nearer to her. Her delicately pointed ears peak out through long raven black tresses. The almond-shaped amethyst eyes pierce into my own, delving deep into my soul. Those luminous eyes seem to see everything; catch every single ray of sunlight within them. They will haunt my dreams now and forever.