This is a bit different from most of my poems.  It's not about love or anything like that.  ^-^; It's from my 8th grade stage.  In 8th grade I wrote sad poetry and people thought I was depressed and stuff.  Nope!  I'm just happy perky lil me!  ::eats a ton of sugar::

Can't you hear my screaming?

                         Can't you hear my breathing?

                         Can't you see me dying?

                         Can't you see me crying?

                         Am I invisible?

                         Am I not real?

                         Am I glass?

                         Am I not there?

                         Why won't you look at me?

                         Why won't you face me?

                         Why won't you help me?

                         Why won't you regard that I'm there?

                         Don't you see me?

                         Don't you care?

                         Don't you see my pain?

                         Don't you see my troubles?

                         I am praying for help.

                         I am searching for an answer.

                         I am wishing for light.

                         I am waiting to die.