Amelia sat in melancholy silence, looking out the window. It was a dreary day; the wind was howling, raindrops were spattering rhythmically on the glass. A soft sigh escaped her lips, her dark brown eyes falling closed.
Soft footsteps behind her alerted her to the presence of another in her private realm of solitude.
"I thought I'd find you here." A quiet voice remarked, a hand coming to rest lightly on Amelia's shoulder. "Are you all right?"
Amelia turned to face the intruder, staring deeply into the endless green orbs that met hers. The raw emotion she saw therein - concern tinged with a bit of confusion and, greatest of all, love - filled her being with such a new rush of feeling that it was quite a few moments before she could respond.
"Why do you care for me so, Julianna?" She pondered aloud, her hand reaching up to gently push a stray, curly lock of light brown hair from the eyes of the other woman.
"What troubles you darling?" Questioned Julianna. "Do tell me. Are you ill?" Julianna's voice, so weighed with concern, washed over Amelia as soft stream water ripple over smooth river stones.
"No, melamin, I am not ill. Nor are there any troubles or such that ail me. Your presence has driven them all away." Amelia's voice was quiet and sincere. "You still have not responded to my question, dear heart. Why do you care for me so deeply?"
For several moments, a loud silence filled the air around them as Julianna wondered how best to answer the question of the young woman before her.
"When one finds the person who is the most like them in every way, the person who can share their likes and dislikes, who is the half that makes them whole, the person that they would gladly give up their dreams to see hers come true and someone who feels the same for them, then one has found love." Julianna said softly, pure love echoing in her tones. "That, Amelia my darling, is what I have found in you."
Amelia's eyes shined brightly and a few warm tears trickled down her rosy cheek. Her hand reached up to brush away the tears that were falling from the emerald pools of her love, stroking Julianna's cheek softly with her thumb.
"Oh, Julianna. What did I do to deserve you?" Amelia asked softly. "Amin mela lle, melamin."
"You are my heart, Amelia. Amin mela lle." Julianna smiled softly and bestowed a gentle kiss upon the lips of her dearest.