By:Andrew Troy Keller

At a time of year like this,
Christmas is a time of forgiveness.
Case in point:
Mr. Alexander T. Floydt,
Who would like to be with that family of his.

Year after year,
The Floydt family always had a Christmas that was dear.
Then one day,instead of being like a hero,
Something had happened to turn Alexander into a zero--
As in someone to fear.

From a bottle,he had taken a sip--maybe two.
Then suddenly,he had turned into someone new.
After that,everything for him had became so glum,
For nobody loves a drunken bum.
And after he had realized it,he'd knew exactly what to do.

First,he had sobered up.
Then,he had cleaned himself up.
And,after he had seen himself being so cute,
While wearing his brand-new suit,
He had moved out of the building-type dump.

After he had removed himself from his personal dome,
Alexander had returned home.
Then,he had walked up to the front door,
And he had knocked on the door,
Hoping that those inside would welcome him home.

The person,who had opened the door,
Was someone who he had hurt before.
With the look of pure hate,
She had thought that she'd knew about his fate.
But then,he had done something that he hadn't done before.

"Please,Mom.",pleaded Alexander."For the sake of Christmas Day,
Please let me stay."
Then,she had realized that on this day of bliss,
Her son was also pleading for forgiveness.
And so,his mother,the one named May,
Had reluctantly decided to let him stay.

And so,once again,
Every Christmas is Merry again.