A/N: Im in love with the memory of ex before he became a jerk
Also if you read my poems lemme know what your fav. is cuz I need to find a
poem to submit to my schools literary magazine. thanks (im putting this is
every poem cuz no one reads it in my profile!!!)

Let you go

I wish I could let you go
Open up my hand
And watch you fly away
With the wind

I don't know why I keep you here
You aren't the same
You've transformed
And I don't like who you've become

If only it where easy
If I could flip a switch
And leave my old love for you
In the dark

But it isn't that easy
I can't let you go
No matter how different you are
Or how much I want to

Because I always have the memories
Of when you were mine
And a different
Better person

I wish so hard
That I could let you go
But I can't