A/N: Wrote this while singing my immortal by evanescence at the top of my
lungs cuz it reminds me of my ex.
Also if you read my poems lemme know what your fav. is cuz I need to find a
poem to submit to my schools literary magazine. thanks (im putting this in
every poem cuz no one read it in my profile)

Titling poems?? It's overrated

Sing, Sing
Belt your heart out
As loud as you can
As if your pain
Can float away
With the sound of your voice

Write, Write
In whatever form
About anything you feel
As if your emotions
Can travel through the pen
Onto the paper with the ink

Cry, Cry
As long and as hard as you need to
Don't ever hold tears back
Maybe your sadness
Will drop to the floor
With your tears

Cut, Cut
As deep as you need to
Anytime you feel the urge
Maybe all your suffering
Will pour out of your life
Through your blood