Always Be Alone

By Goth-girl1

You might wonder why I'm here

But you don't really care, my dear

Your eyes of melancholy stone

Show me I'll always be alone

You're no different from the last

Awful admirers of my past

As my interest begins to wane

You slowly drove me insane

I can't stand how awful I feel

It reminds me of wishes unreal

That love is more than a word

And this never had occurred

I don't even remember

From July to September

How often I've been rejected

When my image was not perfected

I don't want anyone to say

That I'll meet someone one day

Even if he is near

I'm blinded by my fear

I can't take it anymore

I sit now along the shore

Disposing of stones into the sea

Just as these lovers did to me

Stop saying that it doesn't matter

That all of my hopes are free to shatter

No need to tell me to get over it

I desperately want to quit

That way there would be no hurt

From emotionless jerks and the taunting flirt

I could just be alone

Which society can't condone