By your own hand
I found you dead
With bloodied knife
My hand must have led
Words cannot describe
The pain and the dread
That screamed through my heart
When I found you dead.

Nothing was left
But pain in my mind
And questions
Like "Why would you leave me behind?
Did you truly loathe
The love that did bind
My soul to yours
And your soul to mine?"

As I sank to my knees
As I watched my hope flee
I began to wonder
How much you hated me
And why you had to die
To set yourself free.
It must have been more
Than just monotony.

And as my hands shake
With disgust and despair
All I can do
Is try to prepare
For the bullet that soon
Shall speed through the air.
My penance
For killing my beloved fair.

(A/N: ...Written for Someone. And that's all I have to say.)