Roll up your sleeves, quickly now
We don't have all day to prepare
For today I'll teach you how to made a medicine
Even against the worst better it will fare

First hand me that rusty cauldron
Its age matters naught
My medicine is a precious treasure
It must be found, not bought

Measure out 2 ½ cups of that powder called Kindness
Pour it into my pan ever slowly
Add in 5 tablespoons of the liquids Warmth and Joy
I warn you now; our medicine will not tolerate being treated coldly

Hand me over that jar labeled Love-
For my recipe says our potion must never be short of Heart-
Next I'll take 3 inches of melted Encouragement-
Never from your life may this medicine part

Since everything Good must contain a taint of Evil
With caution we'll also add a pint of Hate and Despair
Now we're almost finished with our experiment
So make sure you're handling it with extra care

Our last ingredient is a dash of Hope:
Add 11 drops to make sure the effect won't got to waste
Grab that matching wire whisk
And stir our potion into a thick paste

Then turn on the stove to high
Let our medicine boil as I toss in a bit of Fun
I congratulate you now
Because we're finally done

Take any spoon of your choice
Ladle out just a small sip
Mmm, you're done a wonder job making this medicine
Which is why it's name is Friendship!