*sips basil tea and clears her throat*

Ahem. I do realize that dedications are always at the beginning of a written piece of work, but I thought it'd be better if I posted this as a separate chapter after the poem. Now, I'm not asking you to review to this "chapter", I just want to give credit where credit is due. If you were paying attention while reading "Medicine", you'd probably assume that it's dedicated to my friends. In that case, you're assumption is correct.

To start off, the piece in the former chapter is for my personal friends- Nina, Liz, Jenn, Emma, Angie, Alexandra, Vivian, Marie, Christina, Joy, Jasmine, Sophia, Rashmi, Sofia, and probably one or two others. All of you guys have been the best EVER!!!

This is also for everyone at Sword's Edge, FP poet Heart of the Sword's website: Root, Deadwind, Heart, BVR, Rider, Raven, RWP, Tryna, BloodBrother, CoolBeans, Morncreek, and some other hundred or so members I can't think of right now. Thanks for being the crazi-the most insan-the weirde-just thanks. ^.-

Next, I just want to thanks those on FictionPress who have been kind enough to spare a few seconds and read my work. You're comments mean a lot to me, and I really value them.

Last but not definitely not least, this piece is also for Princess Mulan, a special person who seems to have disappeared from this website in late spring this year. A couple of fellow poets and I are trying to organize a search to find out what happened to her. To find more information, you can visit the link in my bio (since FP.Com isn't allowing me to upload links in my documents for some reason).

*hugs everyone and goes back to sipping her basil tea* Anyone want a cup? ^.-

PS-It's the night of the full moon! I'm meeting CoolBeans18s at the old abandoned park tonight! ^.^

PSS-The poem RYMTHED! ^____^