Real-Life Fairytale

She brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Her long pink dress sparkled under thin streams of moonlight that fell through the barred up window. The princess heaved a great sigh and dropped her chin onto her knee, knocking the little diamond crown off its place on her perfect golden head.

She was a fairy-tale princess in a carnivorous world.

She didn't have seven little dwarves to give her company. She didn't have an overprotective father to keep her safe. Her fairy godmother had deserted her. Her chipped teacup had yet to spring to life.

And there was definitely no more prince charming.

The princess rubbed her arms against the cold, the chains clinking against the rough brick wall. Her tiny waist, barely larger than her slender neck, had withered away through exhaustion. And her big sapphire eyes had lost their shine.

Tears ran down her dirt stained cheeks. She lifted her hand and wiped them away, revealing her fair complexion. She moistened her chapped lips and closed her eyes in a silent prayer.

Disney's sugarcoated princess in a carnivorous world.

The wicked witch had poisoned her. The evil dragon had kidnapped her. Her prince charming had been eaten.

And now, the tiny dungeon had finally broken her.

Didn't you know? They don't always live happily ever after.