Web Of Temptation
By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It had started on a Friday night,
In which I had arrived at a Garfield Heights
Home where my good friends,the Hardys
Were having a masquerade party--
And discovered something wonderful under the moon's light.

Her name was Courtney
Lexington and she was quite a beauty.
As a matter of fact,whenever I look at her,
Something inside of me made me move closer
To her and say,"Hello,my name is David Marley."

And after we had told each other about our missions
In life,we had suddenly discovered that a certain attraction
Was making us placed our hands on each other's hips
And kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.
At that moment,we were suddenly caught in the web of temptation.

About a few minutes later,we both had agreed
To leave the party early and go to Courtney's
Apartment for a nightcap.
After we had arrived at her pad,Cupid's next trap
Was waiting for me and Courtney.

We had walked into the room with a bed
In it,removed our clothes and placed our nude bodies on the bed.
And while everyone else were still enjoying the Halloween
Festivities,we were enjoying something that should only be seen
By those who watch pay cable TV on their beds.

We were experiencing a few moments of sensual pleasure--
And of course,one thing was for sure.
We were also enjoying our little role in the hay.
After that,we've agreed to remain together after that day.