"Foolish little mortals, running from the hobgoblins and ghouls that are merely figments of their simpleton minds. They never run from what they should." a soft, lilting voice giggled in a whimsical melody. The feminine voice echoed gracefully in the lush wood, disturbing the resting wilderness from their midmorning slumber. "Silly little playthings, dancing about their lives, paying little attention to all about them. Poor creatures.there'll be much trouble soon enough."
".soon enough for who though, my dear whimsical child? Not for me, I assure you of that, little one." the soft voice was replaced by a harsh, baritone voice that had become bitter through years of hardship. A tall, shadowed figure descended from the dying remnants of a blackened oak tree, cloaked in dark hues of blacks and blues. "Show yourself, my minion child."
A smaller figure, clad in brilliant shades of crimsons and oranges, appeared on a low branch in a nearby oak tree that was still flourishing with life. Her face was painted a soft hue of a pale crimson, giving the otherwise angelic child a demonic visage. Her feet swung idly as she set her child eyes on her master. "You beckoned me come, Master, and here I do arrive. I bid thee, command me in my ways."
"Such low respect I am given by you! You peer down at me, as I should you, insolent child! Think it appropriate, child of whim and fantasy?" The first figure's voice was sardonic at best and laced with danger at the very worst. It shook the ground in a show of power, allowing the trees to sway and shiver in a powerful fear. The effect on the child was much the same, as she shook herself loose from her seat, gracelessly dropping on all fours in front of her master, her head bowed in respect. "That's a bit better, child.you'd do well to remember your place in this realm. Now, child, as you are here to do my bidding, I give my command unto you. Go about, into the town, and find me two children, younger than thee. One of each, you shall find and bestow to me before the moon is full and bright in her heavenly seat. Should you fail me in this task, dear whimsical creature, your fate will be equal in pain to that of the mortals."
The underling child quivered slightly before nodding her head in a show of concurrence. "May I ask what Master needs a child of each for?" The feminine voice peaked with curiosity as she surveyed her master with honeyed eyes the color of ebony.
The clouds darkened ground, casting a shadow over the male's features as he contemplated an answer, "The time of the Festival of Twilight is soon approaching.I desire two more as children of the darkness.more to do my bidding.you, child, are becoming older, wiser.more appealing than a simple, young minion and as such, I wish to place you high within my personal ranks..." A smile crossed his countenance, and his eyes lit at this shared information.
The brightly clad child shivered at the almost-soft tone in her master's voice. "As my Master wishes.but I don't see how a simpleton child such as I can be appealing to your senses," she fell silent after a moment, drawing a shaky breath, ".but it is not my place to question your knowledge and decisions, Master."
"Relai, my sweet minion-child, don't worry yourself with these matters.they are for me to decide. Just know that if you succeed in your task, you will no longer be a meddlesome child, but instead, a glorious goddess seated at my right hand.but, if you fail, your fate is sealed in terror and destruction." the voice of the man took on a dangerously saccharine lilt as he looked at the child with light eyes. In those eyes, the master saw his minion, Relai as a blooming beauty, precious and rare, but yet he risked the welfare of the child with his threats of death and torment for failed tasks. He shook his head, amazed at himself, 'Perhaps I am as much a child as she once was.' his thoughts echoed in his mind over and over again, until they faded into oblivion.