Chapter 1 Never Insult the P.A.

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The sound of blades clashing sounded loudly. Beneath the clear blue sky and ever-glowing sun, a girl, 17 years of age wiped the sweat from her forehead, long hair shimmered golden-brown and bright, a lethal dagger in one hand. "Is that the best you can do, Colleen?" The girl taunted her opponent, her aqua eyes with the oddest tint of violet shone in the heat of battle.

Her opponent, a girl also 17 of age, with curly black hair tied in a ponytail, smiled. Wielding her long sword with expert ease, she swung it around playfully while challenging back. "Oh really? Wanna say that again, Meryl? Or are you too scared?"

Any bystander would have thought it was a battle between rivals. Just then the girl named Collen lunged forward swinging her sword at Meryl's head, hoping to catch her off guard. But with lighting speed reaction, Meryl ducked under the swinging blade, and did a straight uppercut, the blade tip neatly severing Colleen's belt.

"Hey! What was that for?! It's just practice, you didn't have to go over the top Meryl! And that was my best belt!" Colleen yelled, holding up the broken belt.

"You probably don't use it anyway right, c'mon, I know you. Or what is it? Are you scared that your pants are going to fall off or something?" Meryl teased triumphantly.

"No. It's just for show, it's the latest style. I like to look good." Colleen said, turning to walk away. "But." Whipping around suddenly, she swung her blade and knocked the dagger right out of Meryl's hand. "That's for cutting my belt." Holding her head high, she began to walk away.

Meryl picked up the dagger; her eyes glimmered dangerously, and then called. "Colleen!" At the same time throwing the dagger with deadly accuracy. It flew inches away from Colleen's face and dug deep into the bark of a tree beside her.

Colleen immediately turned and made a face. "What the hell was that?! Are you trying to murder me?!" She fumed.

Meryl simply smirked at her outrage, and tossed her long hair back casually. "Just remember that sometimes a dagger can reach further than a sword."

Despite being near death, and only moments ago been ready to strangle Meryl for pulling such a risky stunt, Colleen laughed and sheathed her sword. She plucked the small dagger from the tree and handed it to Meryl. "It's so darned small, and light. Like you're going to kill a monster with this puny little thing."

"Well, I almost killed you didn't I?"

"Hey! I was caught off guard. That was also uncalled for. But I must admit, the part where you dodged under my blade and cut my belt was really great. I guess you have been paying attention at the Evasion Skills workshop, eh?"

"Of course. Besides, the dagger is simply the best weapon for someone like me. It was designed for swiftness in attack, but the downside is that it lacks power. And yet, it's still perfect for a person of high speed."

"Well, I prefer the long sword. The more damage, the better." Colleen shrugged as she pulled out her sword again, looking at the long blade with adoration.

Meryl laughed. "Sure whatever you say, you big klutz."

"Hey-," Colleen began to protest, but was cut off when the sudden announcement form the speakers sounded. "Saved by the bell."

"Shut-up and be quiet, they might be announcing the next exam group.

Every student on the battle training grounds stopped their activities and listened attentively. Each hoped to hear their names be called out.

'Meryl Rainia and Colleen Chow report to training field immediately'

The two girls looked at each other for a moment, and then busted out laughing. "We are at the training field, you dolt!" They both shouted at the same time, ignoring the staring eyes around them. Just then the P.A. returned on.

' Ahem, I meant to say report to training field No. 5, I repeat, training field No. 5'

Colleen stared, turned to Meryl. "What field are we on?"

Meryl smacked her forehead in exasperation. "Your favourite number! Field 6!" It took then awhile for it to dawn to them.

"Oh no! Wrong field!" They both yelled, bolting toward Field 5, with a trail of laughter behind them.


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