Chapter 16 Across from Sight



Darkness suddenly took hold, as I tried to hold onto the memories and images of the battle, but they seemed to just slip away.

Am I… Dead?

No, I can still wonder uselessly in the mind. I still exist for the time being, but now, now everything just seems to fade into void.


Pain unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was like a chain saw through my mind. I remembered, the bird took a swipe at Ken, it did not miss, bloody gashes at his side.

The fool, the damned fool.

The world was now completely blank. I was gone, just as something within me took over. I felt like I was millions of light years away, lost in the emptiness of space and time. Watching like a blinded spectator. My consciousness was now drifting silently.

There was an explosion, I could feel it far off, even though I couldn't see or hear. I didn't know how, but I felt the impact. Just then...

Something snapped.

I am…

The flowing stream, the shattering tear drop, the invigorating clash of waves.

I was back. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids were as heavy as lead. I tried to talk, to scream, to do something. My throat clutched, and no sound came out.

My body wouldn't respond, ignoring my every command. It felt like all my energy was drained. Drained completely. I felt so burnt out.

Ha ha - what a pun.

I unconsciously felt myself sway.

There was the sound of someone running, voices… so many voices that mingled together, twisting until barely audible. I had the feeling of helplessness, unable to hold onto… anything at all.


My mind wandered, lost and utterly confused. All sound was starting to faze out.

Darkness took me. To where... Well, it really isn't the time to be sarcastic.

I was a traveler searching the narrow space between dimensions, a spirit that was standing by the cliff of existence. Then, a sudden flash… All at once, there were voices everywhere. All tangled up and undistinguished. Each individual sounded resonated. Each wail filled with hatred and pain and sadness and suffering…


Death brought upon the world…

The destructive weapon, the lost cause…

In the pending darkness, a voice stood out from all the rest… I could feel a chill that wrapped tightly around my consciousness, beckoning.

Open your eyes Minerva Nevine Rain! Embrace the sight before you…and remember…what you are… your true identity…

The name it called was familiar.


The lab was dark except for the light from cylinder tanks that were placed in the corner, with its chemical water glowed in dim. Two were set in the center, large translucent containers that had air bubbles floating up continuously, the only sound in the room were the gentle buzzes of the life support.

One of the tanks glowed of a fiery orange-red. The other glowed of a glassy light blue. Below the tanks were metal plates that had names engraved.


The images were vague, but they struck with a familiarity that pained the deepest core of my soul.

A flash of white and blue, feathers.

A surge of power, I could feel it fighting like a deluge; a destructive force fighting for a way out. Weakening was my will to deny this revelation given to me. I just couldn't seem to… How can I….

It was like I was no longer myself. Meryl Rainia of Ecknhart.

What… am I then? Deep down I always felt like I didn't belong, my whole life…feeling like the world was against me…

I guess I'll never know for sure.

A monster.

It isn't true, it can't possibly be.

It is only a dream, just a horrid dream. A dream I couldn't run or hide from. Desperation slowly built up to drown me in a sea of broken memories, as I grasp onto a single shard held in my bleeding hand.

A small piece of the puzzle, soon swept away.

Once again lost.


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