Peaceful flight as I smile,
Looking down the ever long mile,
Feeling the breeze passing my ears,
Gently wiping away my tears,
Glancing back at my age,
Writing kindly the final page,
Remembering past friends strong,
Happy days now long gone,
Rushes of green pass before,
Reminiscing the gifted lore,
Mountain's growth plainly can I view,
Young trees grow from the mound anew,
Green of green through the fog of gray,
Graciously the mists part for my way,
Disappearing slowly never to be seen,
Lost forever the gorgeous queen,
Swallowed suddenly into the gray mist,
Gone forever though certain to persist,
Grievous tear falls from where she leapt,
Standing alone the man has wept,
Alone again on the bridge he stands,
Certainly soon he will return to his lands,
Parted they are for without choice,
Forever in his heart he shall hear her voice.