I hate this
Why do you have
To be the same
As me?
Another person
Another part
Of the same
And yet
When I reach out
Leave the safety
Of my corner
You shy away
You're still cautious
Too scared to trust
You trusted her
But I think
I still have a ways to go
Before you might trust me too
So I sit alone
Cross-legged, in the corner
Watching you from afar
Feeling guilty every time you are hurt
Wanting nothing more
Than to hug you
And say it's alright
But I'm afraid
Afraid you'd run away from me
And I couldn't handle that
Couldn't handle losing you
So I stay in my corner
Watching you cry
Watching you hurt
Watching you do the same things
As me
And yet
I hurt all the more
When you do them
Because it's not me
It's you
And I might deserve these things
But you don't
And my corner is stained
With my tears and blood
As I bleed from your pain
And cry from your sadness
I hug myself
And feel guilty
For not being able to help you
Hidden in the shadows
Of my corner
I can't do a thing
Until I leave its safety
And I can't do that
It would hurt too much

So I wait for you to trust me
So that maybe I can
Come out of my corner
And trust you back