"That was great! Did you see the look on that guys face when I rammed into him?!" I asked loudly, listening to Lunar chuckling beside me. I pulled on the sleeves of my hoodie while looking up at him and smiling. We had just finished the bumper cars and some guy had told me to go back to the kitchen, where I belonged. So I rammed into him so hard it sent his car backwards.

"You want to get something to eat? I'm starving." Lunar said after a couple minutes of silence. I nodded and we walked back into the inside mall. "Having fun?" Lunar asked, quirking an eye brow and looking down at me.

"I'm having a blast, how about you?" I asked, hoping that I wasn't talking too much or being annoying in anyway.

"I'm with you, how can I not have fun?" Lunar smirked when I laughed and shook my head.

"That, my dear friend, was corny." I said and Lunar nodded in agreement.

"But it made you laugh… and only a dear friend?" I looked away from Lunar, feeling my face heat up. "I see…" Eh, awkward silence.

"Do you want to be more?" I asked, while looking around the food court. Arby's sounded really good right now.

"Well… I thought after the last couple of days… we kind of were…" I turned to Lunar and he gave me a shy smile. He was too cute.

"You're my boyfriend?" I asked, Lunar perking up slightly.

"No, you're MY girlfriend." Lunar said, taking his fisted hand and pounding it on his chest once. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"You going to knock me out and drag me by my hair back to your cave now?" I asked, smirking at him. Lunar seemed to think it over and my eyes went wide when he gave me a mischievous look. "Eh, don't even answer that." I said before he could get anything out and walked over to the small Arby's in the food court.


Lunar sat down next to me, on the bench in the park that was across the street from our house. We were eating ice cream happily and just chattering away. This night had been prefect… except when Lunar made me laugh so hard my pop came out of my nose. Yeah, THAT was embarrassing situation. Yet it just caused Lunar to bust out laughing and fall backwards, chair and all. Which just caused me to laugh harder.

"So are you going to college?" Lunar asked, putting his arm lightly around my shoulders and pulling me closer.

"Yeah but I'm not quite sure where… its stupid and most people want to do it but I want to travel the world. Find something important, like a lost tomb or something…" I said, biting into the cone since I had finished off the top ice cream. "What about you?"

"Well, my dad REALLY wants me to go to college, since he didn't and all… so I think I'm going too. I want to be a second grade teacher, if my sports dream doesn't work out… I haven't told anyone this but I want Moon to look up to me like I did my dad… even though he seems like a high school drop out to everyone else, to me he couldn't be better." Lunar said, looking down at his ice cream as that shy smile crept over his face again. I held in my 'aw' and just smiled up at him.

"He's not a high school drop out… he's a magnificent father and artist, he does what he can to help out anyone and he's nice too… and Moon will ALWAYS look up to you, heck everyone looks up to you." Lunar rolled his eyes at my stupid little joke but I got a chuckle out of him.

He turned to me and bent his head down as he lightly brushed his lips over mine. A tingle was sent threw-out my whole body as my eyes fluttered close. I could feel his hot breath on my lips as they connected.

"Say cheese!" There was a big flash as I dropped my ice cream and jumped up, looking at Diana and a couple of the guys. "That was so… CUTE!"

"I must say, the conversation was a bit cheesy…" Braxton said with a small smile. I rolled my eyes as Lunar stuck his tongue out at all of them.

"How come nobody thought to bring home ice cream for us?" Diana asked, looking very offended.

"Some people are just so-" Malcolm started off but Lunar put his arm around his shoulders, bent him over and gave him a nuggie. I busted out laughing and shook my head.

15 Years Later

"I'M HOME!" I yelled, putting my snowboard up against the wall and tossing my shoes off. Some people shouted out their 'welcome backs' as I walked through the house.

"Mom! Nicky said yes!" I turned to look at Moon and smiled proudly.

"I told you she would! All girls are suckers for the flowers and shyness thing." I said back to my son. Moon beamed at me happily and I was reminded of how much he looked like Lunar. "Where's your father?" I asked, glancing around the house filled with boys and girls. My dad had died three years ago, so Lunar and I had taken over the house. Ten years ago, we had made it able for both girls and boys and now it was filled with young sports stars.

"Up in the attic, looking at old photo's…" Moon's face turned from really happy to a bit disgusted. "Jay said you were a babe when you were younger." I laughed at this and ruffled Moon's hair before heading upstairs.

I was now 30 years old, Lunar was 31. He had asked me to marry him after six years of dating, when we were 21, we had broken up once in that six years though. Once when I was 18 and we had decided to go to different colleges and than gotten back together. I adopted Moon as my own kid when he turned 7, even before that he had called me mommy. Diana had ended up marrying Malcolm, than divorcing than marrying Braxton. Lunar had become a famous snowboarder two months after he turned 17. He still snowboarded but went to college to become a second grade teacher, he now worked at the elementary school. I had become an archeologist, that was known for working in very cold places (Antarctica, Alaska, Greenland, ect.) and boarding around dangerous places.

I opened the door to the attic and saw Lunar, pictures all around him and one in his hand. I walked silently over to him and wrapped my arms around him. He leaned back slightly, turning his head and giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hey you, find any ancient tombs yet?" Lunar asked. His voice had gotten deeper and hoarse with age but he only looked in his mid twenties.

"No but a frozen solid turtle with tusks." I said, smiling silently at my co-workers surprise when we had found it. "What are you looking at?" I asked and he handed me the picture.

"Remember that?" Lunar asked. I flipped over the picture and let out a low whistle.

"Fifteen years ago, our first official date… wow, its been a while." I said, looking at Lunar and how well he had aged over the years. His eyes didn't lose that sparkle but they held maturity in them, he had smile wrinkles and some gray hair but that just blended in with his natural color. Like I said, he looked 25, not 31.

"Yeah, a long time…" Lunar said, moving over and kissing me deeply. I smiled against his lips and put my arms around his neck.

"Ew, you guys that's gross." I turned back to our 8-year-old son and laughed, shaking my head. Moon stood behind him and pushed him into the attic.

The End


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