Six Years Ago

Friday - 4:32 AM

A women that looked in her mid thirties came towards me, with rope. I tripped over some toy and tried to get up but she kicked me in the stomach. I let out a strangled cry as the rope was tied around my throat and I tried to scream but nothing came out. Slowly everything started to go black until the rope dropped to the floor and I coughed and hacked trying to get air into my lungs. I didn't have much time to breath for a blow came to the back of my head, over and over it hit me. Like a hammer hitting a nail.

My eyes shot open as I sat up straight and looked around. I put a loose hand around my throat and winced at the rope burns that were just now starting to disappear. I pulled my legs to my chest, rolling up into a small ball and cried silently to myself. Too afraid to actually cry out loud.

Monday - 6:55 PM

"Rayne your going to be late if you don't get a move on!" My uncle yelled up at me. I quickly put a comb threw my hair and ran down stairs, trying not to trip over anything.

"Ok lets go!" I said grumpily and followed him out to his car. On the way to my new school he gave me a long lecture of how to behave and all that parental crap that every grown up seems to say before you enter a new school or a new school year.

I got out of the car, said bye to my uncle and looked at my new school. Was is it that all schools like exactly alike? Probably because they all are… oh well! At least I basically know the basics of the school.

I walked up the stairs as the door swung open, only leaving a centimeter between myself and it.

"Watch out butt hole!" I yelled at the guy who appeared in it. He glared at me and crossed his arms over his chest. So he was a good head and shoulders taller then me? Am I backing down? No my hot headedness wouldn't let.

"Who you calling butt hole, pee wee?" He asked, chuckling at his own joke. I glared at kicked him in the shin, he bent down to hold his shin so we were eye level with each other.

"Call me pee-wee one more time and I'll make sure to kick higher next time." I said with a death glare, he gladly returned the glare.

"Is that a threat little one?" He asked, oh with the names again! Immature idiot…

"No its not a threat, it's a promise." I said in a low deadly tone, not noticing the people who had gathered around.

"Your lucky that I don't hit girls, or you would be on your stomach screaming for you mommy right about now." He said, both of us to stubborn to look away from each others death glare.

"Burn in hel-ck." I said as I walked away, thinking I had won the fight.

"After you, short one!" He yelled back, my head sunk as my hands grew into fist and I stormed to the office.

It was just my first day and yet I had already made an enemy, oh how I was thinking of ways to pay the jerk back… sweet revenge.

Present Time

Thursday - 8:28 AM

"Rayne? Rayne! RAYNE!" I heard my uncle yell as I put my pillow over my head. He pulled it off and also pulled the blankets off of me. "We have a visitor, so I would suggest you change out of your pajamas." He whispered into my ear. I shivered and made a hand movement for him to go away.

I heard the door close as I rolled out I mean off of the bed. I yelped but not in surprise, just from my butt hitting the floor. I had gotten used to falling out of bed, I nearly did it every morning.

I slowly walked over to my closet and picked out some comfy clothes, I couldn't care less who this "visitor" was and I didn't care how they saw me look. It was winter vacation and I wanted to go back to sleep. I changed and was glad that I had the night before put my hair into little braids so I didn't have to bother to do my hair.

I walked down stairs slowly and then to the living room where I heard laughter. I stood there a second, letting my eyes adjust to the bright light of the room.

"Ah too bright." I winced and moved behind my uncle to keep the light out of my eyes.

"Oh Rayne the vampire." My eyes widened at the sound of that voice. I looked out beyond my uncle and my eyes meet with violet ones.

"NO!" I yelled and turned to run upstairs but my uncle grabbed the back of my hoodie, damn stupid hoods! I knew they would be my down fall!

"Rayne Blaze, you will NOT turn and run from this room but what you will do is show Lunar too his room, which is the spare bedroom next to yours. You WILL be nice to him, show him hospitality and when I leave today you will NOT get into ANY fights with him, am I making myself clear?" My uncle said in his general voice as I groaned.

"Crystal." I mumbled.

"What was that?" He asked, still playing the general part.

"Sir, crystal clear sir!" I yelled loudly stomping my foot as I felt him let go of my hood. I walked slowly upstairs not really giving a rats ass if Lunar was following me or not. Lunar, my worst enemy since those oh so faithful six years ago. We had hated each others guts since then. Oh great… how long was he staying here anyways and why was I not told?! Oh and more importantly, WHERE WAS MY UNCLE GOING AND WHY WAS HE LEAVING ME HERE WITH THE DEVIL?!?!

Friday - 9:09 AM

So I had finally found out that Lunar's mom was in the hospital for a car accident and my uncle had offered him to stay here but then got called away out of state for some business. So now we were stuck… in the same house… for a couple weeks… alone…

I sneezed and got out of bed, it was freezing! I walked down stairs and saw Lunar sitting on the couch in a pair of sweat pants and nothing else. I had to admit, Lunar was built pretty well. Ah! What am I thinking? He is EVIL! Pure EVIL!

"Its not polite to stare." Lunar said in an almost dead tone, not his normal teasing one which got me worried. I shook off the worry and reminded myself I don't care what's wrong with him.

"I wasn't staring at you, jack ass." I mumbled and plopped down on the couch. I shivered and looked over at Lunar, he had goose bumps on his arms and chest. "Aren't you cold?" He blinked a couple times and looked at me.

"Why would you care?" He asked, in that same dead tone. It was kind of freaking me out and I shivered more.

"I care that if you get sick that my uncle will yell at me and I'll get in trouble." Lunar turned back at the TV again.

"And the whole world revolves around you, now doesn't it Rayne?" He asked, his voice now full of disgust. I clenched my fist and stood up.

"What, exactly, is that suppose to mean?!" I asked, getting angry. He stood up, towering over me making me for once feel small and insignificant. Old feelings came back as I suddenly felt trapped and backed up only to find a wall there. I looked into his angry eyes then glanced down at the floors, waiting for the blow.

"Oh fuck it." He whispered as he moved away from me and I watched him sit on the couch, folding his arms over his chest and glared at the TV. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and just ran to my bed room.

I slammed the door shut then leaned against it. My legs gave out and I slid down the wall willing myself not to cry.

I let out a shaky sigh as I walked slowly over to my stereo and popped in a mixed CD. I pushed play and soon Box Car Racer's I Feel So came on and I laid down on my bed and started to mumble along with the words as I drew in my sketch book.


I wish I was brave

I wish I was stronger
wish I could feel no pain
wish I was young
wish I was shy
I wish I was honest
I wish I was you not I

I looked over my sketch for a second, deciding it was turning out to be a person I just went along with my hand.

Cause I feel so mad

I feel so angry
Feel so careless
So lost confused
Feel so cheep
So used unfaithful
Lets start over
Lets start over

I looked at my sketch again, yes indeed it was a person, a guy to be exact but that's all I noticed before I went to work again.

Sometimes I wish I was smart
I wish I made cures for
How people are
I wish I had power
I wish I could give
I wish I could change the world
For you and me
The guy had short some what curly hair that tucked behind one of his ears and was messily thrown about his head.

Cause I feel so mad

I feel so angry
Feel so careless
So lost confused
Feel so cheep
So used unfaithful
Lets start over
Lets start over
(a/n repeat that again)
His eyes were shinning and I knew he was smiling. His nose was slightly crooked as if broken before.

Cause I feel so mad

I feel so angry
Feel so careless
So lost confused, yea yea
Feel so cheep
So used unfaithful
Lets start over
Lets start over
Lets start over...

I looked over the finished sketch and gasped when I noticed who the person was. I chucked the sketch book at the corner of my room. It hit the wall and slid down and I just shook my head.

"I've NEVER sketched him before! NEVER!" I mumbled to myself and just sighed as I pulled the covers over myself.

Saturday - 11:07 AM

I was awaken by the smell of food… Mickey D's to be precise. Wait… Mickey D's? … I LOVE MICKEY D'S!

I hopped out of bed and quickly ran down the stairs, straight to the kitchen were I saw Lunar with a bag of Mickey D's. He looked up at me, his violet eyes quickly looked over me and then met back up with my eyes. I yawned and looked at the bag then back up at him, forgetting for a couple minutes that we are enemies, I did something that I would NEVER do… especially to him.

I gave him my best puppy dog face.

"You bought me some Mickey D's… right?" I asked, sounding like a lost child. His face softened as he looked at me, something I don't think either of us expected because we both went wide eyed and then glared at each other.

"Why would I buy YOU some food? I couldn't care less if you starved to death." He said with that annoying smirk that I hated so much. My fist clenched as I gave him a death glare. What a jerk!

"God your so stupid!" I managed to get out. He snickered and rolled his violet eyes and something hit me. I was going to have to live with this guy for three weeks, if this fighting continued I'd probably loose what is left of my sanity… ok, think fast Rayne…

I sighed and plopped down in a seat at that kitchen table. I put my forehead on the table and my hair fell around my head, suddenly I felt extremely tried and didn't really want to get up or move. I hate it when I have these moments, they come suddenly and don't go away from a while. When I had them as a kid I would always hide in a closet and not move for a while.

"Rayne, what's wrong?" Lunar asked after what seemed like ten minutes of silence. I mumbled something that I didn't even know what was. I felt his hand on my back as I saw out of the corner of my eye, he was bent down trying to look at me.

"Don't Lunar…" I mumbled but it was already to late. He had pulled me too him, picking me up and stood up straight. I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. During these little… whatever you would call them, slow motions, I cant really feel anything. I used to love them but now I felt so stupid. I mean my worst enemy was carrying me up to my room! This COULDN'T me happening.

"Rayne… open your eyes… Rayne!" He sounded so worried that I had to put all my energy into opening my eyes. I was in my room, laying in my bed. "Oh god Rayne, what's wrong with you?" He mumbled as he put a blanket over me and I saw him glance at the phone.

"No… call…promise… kill if… call." Was all I could get out as he looked at me seriously, all though the worry didn't disappear.

"I have to call-" I cut him off by gripping onto his arm and he just looked at me with his violet eyes finally understanding why I had tried to convince myself to hate him…


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