It Runs In The Family Part II

-Dejah Lingenfelter (Fictionpress Pen Name: FlamingFudge)

My grandmother has been able to see spirits all her life. It started when she was about four. She used to have a dream every night where a demon would take her by the hand and lead her to a place she assumed was hell. She could literally smell brimstone. It was something she had never smelled in real life. Later in life she smelled brimstone and it was the exact smell from her dream. Your sub conscience can't make up a smell and get it correct can it?

I wrote before about how my grandmother had strange dreams. She is given warnings before something bad will happen. Or she will see it as she it is happening while she sleeps. Like once, my aunt was sleeping next to my grandmother. My grandmother had a dream that a black panther crouched over my aunt and then went into her. My grandmother had the same feeling of being drugged and could not wake up. The very next day my aunt ran away from home and got pregnant at 12 years of age. She went totally wild. Another time my grandmother had a dream about someone in the family doing something that they weren't suppose to. She saw them die from it. She awoke crying because she knew it was someone close to her. Just a little later my cousin, her first grandson, died from a drug overdose. Coincidence?

She has always been able to predict things to my family. I see her as sort of a matriarch. When she says something will happen it does. I have never know my grandmother to be wrong. My mother always goes to her to find out what to do about something or to interpret a dream.

Strangely I see the same things happening in my mother. A strong sense of knowing. She seems to know things that her children keep deeply hidden. She feels when something bad is in the room just like my grandmother. She also has the strange dreams.

I don't know exactly what is going on in my family. I can only expect that the same thing will happen to me and my daughter and so on. Perhaps my grandmother has a hereditary gift.