I hope that you feel the way that I do,
But I know that you cant,
I'm not the one for you.
I've spent my life searching
For the right one,
And when I think that I'm done
I shot myself with my gun,
'Cause the one I want
Is beyond my reach.
To know who she is,
My whole life I would give,
Just so long as it's with her,
But without, I'll just wither
And die in a field of snow,
No, don't mourn, just get out, go!
I wont need you within the Earth's embrace,
Maybe in a few years a tree will grow over that un-hallow place,
It will gain sustenance from the core of my being,
But not my heart, and the blackness its seeing.
-Authors Note-
After I first wrote this poem, several people felt that I was asking for a
girl friend, and now that I think about it, I was in my own little twisted
way, but that's been taken care of as far as I'm concerned. Just a dark
little poem in the shadows of my mind now though. R&R, hope y'all like it!