More story! I just want to clarify, that despite how cool it would to have Annie be Anne Frank, I'd have to change some things. because later you find that Annie is 16, and Anne Frank died in Bergan-Belsen when she was 16, and this is supposed to be more of an Auschwitz setting. Ok! Away from all the historical junk, onto the story!

Chapter II

After having spent a night on a cold, hard wooden platform that had mistakenly been called a bed by some people, Rebecca had gotten little sleep. Annie sat next to her on the ground, eating the bread that was as cold and hard as the beds had been. Neither had talked much that morning.
A guard came over, a flat piece of wood in his hand.
"Get up now, you scum have work to do!" He said as he raised the wood angrily. Both girls hurried off, to tired and scared to protest. If only I knew a way to get of this horrid place. Rebecca mused silently to herself. With out noticing it, both Rebecca and Annie had been swept up in the same crowd of children from yesterday going toward the gates to the packing factory that they had all been to yesterday.
Annie glared at the saying above the gate.
"Work will make you free. Oh yes, as if that's anywhere near true!" She mutter hotly under her breath.
"We don't know that. Not yet anyway." Rebecca said quietly. She had talked to some of the other women in their barracks last night, and one had been there for months. But then again, Rebecca had no way of knowing much of anything yet, having only been here for a day.
"Who knows, I guess." Annie said, her face downcast. "I guess I just want to see my family."
"You have me." The boy who Annie had said was her brother had come up next to the pair.
"Oh, hello. I don't think you two were introduced last night. Rebecca, this is Jacob, my brother." Annie grinned.
"Nice to meet you." Rebecca said. Jacob looked quite a bit like Annie and wondered if the two were twins. She decided to voice the question out loud. "Are you two twins?"
Annie shook her head. "Jacob's a year and half older than me."
"Sorry." Rebecca said, blushing.
"Don't worry, just a very similar family resemblance." Jacob laughed quietly. As they had talked, they had come to the warehouse, and had been pushed inside.
"Well, another day off work. At least were not dead." Jacob said with a false sense of happiness. But it was true, at least they weren't dead.

Days passed in a gray, rainy state, dampening the moods of all the prisoners. Rebecca had hoped on her first day coming that the ground would dry up, but it was just seeming to get muddier by the day. And it was getting colder now too. Rebecca had kept track of the days, and it appeared to be about the 26th of October. When the snows came, as both Annie and Rebecca had agreed, it would just get worse, putting the grounds in a permanent state of muddiness, and making everything much to cold for the meager scarves they had been given.
The days that had passed turned into months, and before Rebecca knew it, it was December. December should have been a time for celebrations like Hanukah, but this year it wasn't. Anyone who was seen practicing religion in anyway would be in "a large amount of trouble", as the guard who had told them so had put it. So they couldn't celebrate Hanukah, or as Rebecca realized, Passover in the spring. She tried not to think about it too much.
However, Rebecca, Annie and Jacob found it relatively easy to ignore this fact with the workload they had been brutally given. No one was quite sure how long the workday was, but it wasn't short. And the work was hard. Shoving clothe in to overly large bags was hard enough, but then they had to lift them onto large piles. Jacob, being the tallest, had helped a lot by lifting some of the bags the two girls had filled for them. He never seemed to tire, and always had an air of cheer about him.
After being asked about it one day, he had simply replied,
"Why let work get you down when you have so many things to daydream about?" and then walked off, leaving Annie just as flabbergasted as Rebecca.
"I always knew Jacob was a bit odd, but this is new." Annie had explained.
"Yes, but he does have a good out look on this whole situation. Making the best of it is all we can do right now." Replied Rebecca.
"That's true. Too bad there's no way to give those guards a good pushing around with out our heads getting blown off or something equally horrible." Annie said with a sadistic grin.
"Do you really think they would do that?! It's a bit extreme after all." Rebecca said, quite stunned by the brute force of what Annie had said. "After all, they obviously need us to work."
"Yes, but why do you think they're killing the people in this camp off? I've been really nervous lately, because I haven't heard anything of my parents, and I heard from one of the other girls that people are sent to killing chambers if they can't work." Annie said, her grin changing into a grim frown.
"That's horrible. I don't want to think that my parents are dead. At least. I hope n-not." Rebecca had fallen over the last word. In the dark Annie couldn't see the tear that ran down the other girl's face.